Bryan Patterson – Consultant


  • Bureau of Automotive Repair Licensed Smog Technician
  • Automotive Service Excellence – Engine Repair
  • Automotive Service Excellence – Automotive Trans/Transaxle
  • Automotive Service Excellence – Manual Drive Train and Axles
  • Automotive Service Excellence – Suspension and Steering
  • Automotive Service Excellence – Brakes
  • Automotive Service Excellence – Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Automotive Service Excellence – Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Automotive Service Excellence – Engine Performance
  • Automotive Service Excellence – Automobile Advanced Engine Performance
  • AC Delco Service Training – Duramax 6600
  • AC Delco Service Training – General Motors Programming Systems
  • AC Delco Service Training – Advanced Automotive Electrical
  • Automotive Training Group – General Motors Engine Performance for Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUV’s
  • Automotive Training Group – Honda & Acura Engine Performance for Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUV’s
  • Automotive Training Group – Daimler Chrysler Engine Performance for Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUV’s
  • IMACA – Service of Air Conditioners in accordance with the Clean Air Act
  • Mission Vallye ROP Student of the Year in Auto Technology, 2001
  • Standard Motor Products Inc., AC Tips & Techniques
  • Automotive Training Group – Advanced Scan Tool Diagnostics
  • Automotive Training Group – Electric Module 1 Training Class
  • Bureau of Automotive Repair – Certified Traning Course – Basic Area CACC
  • Automotive Training Schools – 68 Hour Basic Clean Air Car Course
  • Automotive Training Schools – 28 Hour Advanced Clean Air Car Course
  • Technical Support Operations – Technical Customer Handling
  • Technical Support Operations – Automotive Batteries
  • Technical Support Operations – General and ABS Diagnostics
  • Technical Support Operations – ABS and Brakes Theory and Operation
  • Technical Support Operations – Wind Noise and Water Leaks Diagnosis and Repair
  • Technical Support Operations – Base Engine Operation and Diagnosis
  • Technical Support Operations – Servicing Overhead Cam Engines
  • Technical Support Operations – Automotive Measuring Tools
  • Technical Support Operations – Engine Repair Fundamentals
  • Technical Support Operations – Basic Electrical Part 1
  • Technical Support Operations – General Brakes Operation and Theory
  • Technical Support Operations – Basic Electrical


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His Story:

Bryan Patterson - ConsultantBryan Patterson started his mechanical foray in his youth, picking up a job at the local lube shop, where he developed a relationship with the owner who was looking for a courtesy clerk. The owner quickly realized his mechanical brilliance and technical aptitude, giving Mr. Patterson additional duties reserved for seasoned technicians within months. During this time, Bryan was a sponge, soaking up everything he could about the automotive industry, knowing he had found his calling.

He enrolled in automotive technology where he honed his skills, separating himself from the bulk of the class – hand picked for the Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Competition throughout the State of California – representing Mission Valley ROP, where he and his partner finished 8th in the state. Considering the level of competition, along with the outdated equipment and lack of sufficient training compared to community colleges running top notch programs, this was quite the feat. He was hand picked as Student of the Year for the program, along with a certificate of recognition from the California State Legislature honoring his achievement. He also earned his first of many ASE.

Upon graduation, he enrolled in the Ford Asset program at Evergreen Valley College, where he earned 30 technical certifications overnight. Bryan moved from routine maintenance at a lube shop to his own bay at a Ford Dealership, working on everything from R&R to engine performance problems.

During this time, Bryan became certified as an ASE Master Technician and Smog Emission Specialist, moving to San Luis Obispo, California, to pursue his smog career. He spent the next 3 years working at a local renowned independent repair shop, preferring the collegiality of the independent atmosphere to the dealership.

The shop had some of the best equipment Mr. Patterson had ever had the privilege to work with. With all the domestic and Japanese scan tools, he learned DRBIII (Chrysler), TECHII (GM), NGS (Ford), and the MASTERTECH platforms (Toyota, Honda, Nissan). With the significant amount of tooling at his disposal, he specialized in driveability and emission diagnostics. The shop also had a sizable body shop which called upon Bryan’s talent to diagnose and repair complicated issues from airbags and severed wiring to replacing harnesses and programming modules.

The shop owner also believed in education for his employees and paid for any training. Needless to say, Mr. Patterson took advantage to expand on his growing arsenal of skills. Bryan took over 11 different programs throughout the state, from Burbank for GM training to San Francisco for Hybrid Training.

Mr. Patterson changed shops, moving to higher end work where his skill set was better utilized, specializing in Aston Martins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, BMW’s, Dodge Vipers, Z06’s, diagnosing everything from check engine lights, performance issues, noises, deprogrammed modules, convertible tops, to anything else needing attention. Working on the newer high end cars has given Bryan a new perspective of the automotive business, understanding the technology that goes into magnificent engineering marvels. He is proud to say that he is finishing up his Associate of Science Degree in Automotive Technology, while preparing to continue his education in industrial technology at San Jose State.

Professional Service Organizations:

– International Automotive Technician’s Network

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