The History of Our Firm

Our Experience is Unmatched in this area of law

The truth of the matter is, this is all we do.

Whether dealing with the Bureau of Automotive Repair Accusations, Citations, Petition for Interim Suspension Orders, or Criminal Cases – we’ve seen it all. 200 plus trials, 1000 plus cases settled or dismissed with favorable terms, along with wins at Interim Suspension Order hearings and everywhere in between. We only do Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense law.

We’ve dealt with plaintiff’s attorneys, the board of equalization, the labor board, the edd, state and local agencies, district attorney’s, civil attorney’s, and everyone else you can think of.

ADS was started by two technicians who decided it was time for a legal presence in the automotive community – someone to fight for the shop.

From their time as technicians, parts specialists, smog techs, shop foreman, and service writers, they experienced a myriad of legal questions. From administrative law questions to criminal law, they knew Repair and Emission Testing facilities had the questions – but no one had the answers.

Most shops and technicians, just as we had experienced, were at the mercy of the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

“Not worth it.”

“It would cost you more in legal fees to collect the amount owed to you.”

“You would lose if you went to court.”

“I don’t know anything about the Bureau of Automotive Repair or your industry, sorry I couldn’t help.”

Frustrated and disillusioned with the legal protections for these hard working businesses, many shops simply wrote off losses, took whatever punishment the bureau of automotive repair thought was fair, and represented themselves as best they could.

Not anymore. Not on our watch.

Automotive Defense Specialists was tired of seeing shops suspended, closed down, and found liable for things that have nothing to do with services they performed.

Shops and technicians are continuously bullied by the BAR, EPA, local municipalities, and disregarded by judges & juries as thieves attempting to sell consumers engine replacements when they came in for an oil change.

If they had any idea about what it takes to become a technician in this day in age, they would be astonished.

Most technicians and shop owners are more educated than many realize. With the need to continue learning new systems and technologies, technicians must stay current or risk falling behind.

Most technicians have tooling and equipment costs that could serve as a down payment on a home. Meanwhile, if they have a legal issue to handle, they spend half the morning trying to explain it to a judge what it is they do for a living – meanwhile they’re losing labor hours fighting something better equipped for legal experts.

ADS is here to dispel the myths behind automotive repair dealers and teach the legal system about the automotive industry.

From Accusations, Citations, Criminal Cases, and Interim Suspension Orders, our firm focuses on litigating on behalf of our clients – the members of the automotive repair and emission testing community.

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