Your Auto Repair Dealer License and Your Business

As an Automotive Repair Dealer or Smog Check Station owner, being certified and remaining in the good graces of the Bureau of Automotive Repair is essential to your bottom line. Your ARD (Auto Repair Dealer) license is critical to your business, and the same goes for technicians: all must be licensed by California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair.

The Bureau can, and does, regularly issue citations to Auto Repair Dealers, mechanics, and technicians, through undercover runs. They can (and do) take away ARD (Auto Repair Dealer) licenses after the due process of the law. If you have received any sort of warning letter from the Bureau, don’t delay: take action immediately!

  • If your license is in danger of being revoked by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, what should you do? Whether you are an Automotive Repair Dealer, mechanic or technician, you have certain legal rights.

Auto Repair Dealer LicenseHowever, you have to recognize that the attorneys and employees of the Bureau of Automotive Repair fight these battles every day, day in and day out. They are not your friends. The local Bureau of Automotive Repair Representative that you’ve been working with “for years” will not help you. You are on your own against a team of undercover operators, field representatives, documentation experts, and the Department of Justice.

They are experts. Are you?

Problems with your ARD or Auto Mechanic License: Why Hire an Expert

You can try to wade through the complicated procedures of the Bureau of Automotive repair, or you can hire an expert. Here’s why hiring an expert is the better choice than going it alone.

Let that expert defend you in Court. You wouldn’t take your one off custom car to just any guy, would you? You’d go to your expert – the guy you trust. Your license is far, far more valuable and if you are being threatened that the BAR is going to revoke your ARD or SMOG check license, you need to consider working with an expert attorney. Any discipline could also affect your STAR Certification.

The attorneys at Automotive Repair Specialists are experts in defense proceedings against the Bureau of Automotive Repair, including license issues.

  1. We are specialists. Led by William Ferreira, our law firm specializes primarily in defense work against the Bureau of Automotive Repair. We are not a team of attorneys who occasionally represents auto repair shops, SMOG stations, and technicians: this is our primary area of legal work.
  2. We listen. We work closely with each client to understand his issues, and the facts of each situation. We understand your frustration and help you to identify the best course of action, given your unique circumstances. While every case is indeed unique, our Bureau of Automotive Repair specialists are experts in tapping their knowledge to win your case.
  3. Our goal is to be the best attorneys for you. Being the best attorney isn’t an award, or a piece of paper on the wall; it’s a commitment to fight for our clients rights in Court.

Free Phone Consultation on Bureau of Automotive Repair License Issues: Revocations, Citations, Accusations

If you have received a citation from the Bureau of Automotive repair, a citation, reach out to our expert attorneys. We’ll give you a free phone consultation and determine how we can be not the best attorneys in California for fighting the BAR, but the best attorneys for you and your individual case. Our goal is unique to you.

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