Bureau of Automotive Repair Accusation

Bureau of Automotive Repair License Defense:

The Bureau of Automotive Repair is a division of the department of consumer affairs. In short, they are a state agency, affiliated with the state, run by the state and for the state, developed for the protection for consumers and consumers only. They are not friends, they are not colleagues, and they could care less about your business.

They are in the business of shutting shops down.

The most important thing you can do, and what the Bureau of Automotive Repair hopes you don’t do, is consult with a Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense Attorney and file the notice of opposition. What this does is trigger a myriad of rights and protections, including access to investigative reports, videos, and other documentary evidence, along with a hearing by an administrative law judge – significant protections for your license.

Because they are a state agency, they must play by the rules of a state agency. This includes rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, rights against warrantless searches and seizures, rights against self incrimination, rights to confront witnesses against you, inspect evidence, such as undercover cars, reports, histories and other important information.

Our experience with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, along with our knowledge of the Automotive Repair Act, including rights to administrative hearings if they wish to revoke licenses under section 11500 of the Government Code, create a unique, specialized opportunity for an automotive repair dealer to protect their business.

Many of the undercover vehicle runs they perform are so far beyond the scope of the undercover program that an expert technician would have trouble diagnosing the problem. From hiding clipped wires in looms, clipping coil wires in relays, reprogramming CPU’s and altering voltage readings of sensors to inhibit scan tools from recognizing problems, to removing the spring in thermostats and restricting a hose so temperature is within range – the Bureau of Automotive Repair employs absurd tactics to pop shops and techs.

Just because the Bureau of Automotive Repair says you departed from acceptable trade standards, or failed to perform the smog check in an appropriate manner, doesn’t make it so – let the experts take a look – and save your license.

Note: due to high demand, we request copies of the STAR Invalidation, Accusation, Citation Paperwork, Bureau of Automotive Repair case filings, letters from District Attorneys or City Attorney’s faxed to (415) 366-8429 or emailed to [email protected] before the consultation to ensure we understand your case. You can also take pictures of the paperwork and text them to my cell phone at (415) 412-0472.

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