Bureau of Automotive Repair Citation Defense Cases

The Bureau of Automotive Repair issues thousands of Citations per year. We have defended approximately 500 plus citations over the last 8 years.

The common grounds for issuance of a citation we are currently seeing are as follows:

The Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Vehicle:

An undercover vehicle sent to a facility by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. This undercover vehicle is usually missing a component, such as a cat, pcv, dpf, air pump, pulse air, etc., has a unapproved part/non-CARB part (chips, programmers, O2 spacers, headers, cat), or has a component rendered functionally deficient, (EGR, timing, EVAP system for LPFET, MIL bulb, gas cap, etc.,.

Failure to us the DAD/OIS on a 1998 and Newer Diesel or 2000 and Newer Gasoline Powered Vehicles while using the BAR97 machine instead:

These citations are issued for failure to use the correct testing system. There are a myriad of issues with these citations. Gross Vehicle Weight issues, wrong emission labels showing wrong year, improper invoice writing by consumer, rejection by OIS machine forcing the technician to test the vehicle on a BAR97 machine. Each case is a little bit different and requires a different analysis.

Note: due to high demand, we request copies of the STAR Invalidation, Accusation, Citation Paperwork, Bureau of Automotive Repair case filings, letters from District Attorneys or City Attorney’s faxed to (415) 366-8429 or emailed to [email protected] before the consultation to ensure we understand your case. You can also take pictures of the paperwork and text them to my cell phone at (415) 412-0472.

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