Bureau of Automotive Repair Criminal Defense

Bureau of Automotive Repair Criminal Defense

Criminal Charges are not to be taken lightly. They can result in serious consequence for professional licenses, insurance rates, and other avenues that could severely affect the shop.

More than your Bureau of Automotive Repair license, the idea of serious felony charges being leveled by the Bureau by way of the local District Attorney’s Office and or the City Attorney’s office, can seriously affect the rest of your life.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair has been know to take allegations of fraud, have a shop sign an agreement to pay for costs of investigation, along with an admission of liability, telling you this will be the end of all issues with the Bureau, then take this plea and file license charges based on this action.

You need an Attorney who Specializes in Criminal Allegations resulting from Bureau of Automotive Repair Investigations

It is imperative that you consult with an attorney who has experience in Bureau of Automotive Repair Criminal Defense – one small misstep, one misunderstanding about say the functional check of an EGR valve, or following diagnostic procedures, or invoice terminology and meaning, could be the difference between having a criminal record and having a case dismissed.

Our track record is second to none – having a high percentage of complete and outright dismissals of ALL criminal charges, sometimes before trial – our expertise explains the situation so forcefully that many District Attorney’s see the writing on the wall – and dismiss the case.

From issues affecting a shop to issues affecting a technician personally. ADS can will help their clients navigate the criminal justice system.

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