Bureau of Automotive Repair Petition for Interim Suspension Orders

Petition for Interim Suspension Order:

We have handled approximately 50 Petitions for Interim Suspension Order Hearings in front of the Office of Administrative Hearings in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, and San Diego.

We have successful defending against allegations of improper Smog Check Inspections, including Clean Piping, Clean Plugging, Brake and Lamp Inspections, Auto Repair Issues, and everything in between.

These are some of the most serious situations a facility and or technician can find themselves in. The Bureau of Automotive Repair is asking an Administrative Law Judge to immediately suspend the licenses 5 days after the scheduled hearing. Normally, you only have a few weeks notice to defend against the entire case. This is a time sensitive case taking a significant amount of expertise to properly defeat.

No witnesses testify nor is any evidence taken other than affidavits and declarations properly admitted pursuant to the rules of evidence at this hearing under the Business and Professions Code § 494(a).

Failure to perform at this hearing will result in the immediate suspension of your licenses.

Note: due to high demand, we request copies of the STAR Invalidation, Accusation, Citation Paperwork, Bureau of Automotive Repair case filings, letters from District Attorneys or City Attorney’s faxed to (415) 366-8429 or emailed to [email protected] before the consultation to ensure we understand your case. You can also take pictures of the paperwork and text them to my cell phone at (415) 412-0472.

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