Cease & Desist Letters

Cease & Desist Letters

Like the Demand Letter, the Cease and Desist letter can be a very effective in convincing a potential adversary to terminate threats of litigation, harassing letters, and phone calls through carefully calculated letters backed by statutes, legislation, case law, and other forms of extensive research to let the opposing party know his or her conduct is inappropriate.

The letter can be an effective deterrent in stemming unwanted threats and harassment to effect the operation of your business.

The letter can be an effective tool in the legal toolbox preceding litigation, letting the party know they have an opportunity to cure the issue at hand before legal action commences.

This letter is also effective down the road, as obvious liability for their actions, along with the letter that precedes a civil action, is very helpful in convincing a judge or magistrate to award attorneys fees, saving you money, as you provided the adverse party an opportunity to cure this issue before the commencement of litigation.

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