DMV Vehicle Dealer and Vehicle Salesperson License Defense Cases

DMV Vehicle Dealer and Vehicle Salesperson License Defense Cases

Our firm is pleased to announce we are expanding the firm to represent clients in their Department of Motor Vehicles License Defense Cases. Specifically, we are expanding to defend Independent Dealerships from the onslaught of specious investigation techniques promulgated by the DMV in their investigation of Independent Vehicle Dealers License and Salesperson Licenses for individual salespersons.

The DMV can be an ornery agency, using threats beyond imaginable powers to discipline licensees for the sole purpose of harassment and exercising their power for pure enjoyment – with little concern for the livelihood of our clients.

DMV investigators are technically peace officers, with much of the same rights and responsibilities of real police officers – but let’s be honest – they are more glorified mall cops more than anything else.

This of course irks the DMV investigators, preferring to be treated on the same level as top crime fighting detectives on the beat – but let’s be honest, when you’re investigating car sales and paperwork, you’re more akin to the IRS. We know the type of investigator who has something to prove, something to show anyone who challenges his authority. The type that shows up on an alleged complaint from a consumer, demanding paperwork, the sales contract, proof of payment of registration, transfer of title, and the like, threatening to revoke your license if you don’t provide the paperwork immediately.

It’s unfortunate that the DMV feels the need to flex their muscles against independent dealerships – knowing most do not have an attorney on retainer with which you can fight against the tyranny of DMV investigators who allege special powers as a peace officer.

Now you have someone fighting for you.

We are proud to serve our bretheren in the Automotive Industry, specifically associated with license defense cases filed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at the Office of Administrative Hearings in Oakland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego through the Department of Justice via the Attorney Generals Office.

We will still provide our service to Bureau of Automotive Repair License while expanding our representation to licensees with the DMV.

We will continue to fight for those wrongly aggrieved by yet another tyrannical agency who sees fit to abuse their power on a daily basis.

We look forward to serving you using our specialized knowledge of the Automobile Sales and Finance Industry in protecting your rights against the DMV.


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