New Law Affecting Tire Installers and Repair

AB 2065: An act to amend Section 9880.1 of the Business and Professions Code,  relating to professions and vocations.

Important Information about BAR Regulations and Tire Dealers

Basic Summary

AB 2065 essentially deletes tire repair and changing from the list of services exempt from licensure as an Automotive Repair Dealer (“ARD”) under the Bureau of Automotive Repair (“BAR”).  (Bus. & Prof. Code § 9880.1)

The Details

AB 2065 was introduced by Assembly Member Galgiani on February 23, 2012.  Specifically, AB 2065:

  1. Deletes tire repair and tire changing from the list of services exempt from licensure as an ARD and an automotive technician’s duties when commercially performed for payment; and
  2. Exempts tires service provided by or on behalf of a motor vehicle club holding a specified certificate of authority or a tow truck operator possessing a valid motor carrier permit, from licensure as an ARD.

According to the author the need for this bill arose due to “There are retail operations that only sell and install tires and they are exempted from enforcement jurisdiction under BAR.  A number of incidents have occurred where these retailers of ‘tire sales only’ shops advertise tires for a certain price, and then after the tires are mounted, present the customer with a final price that is grossly higher than the advertised price.  If the customer refuses to pay this final price, then these ‘tire sales only’ shops keep possession of the vehicle until the customer pays.”  While there exists remedies for said consumers it has been found these remedies are cumbersome and rarely initiated.

This bill, as written, will place ‘tire sales only’ shops under the jurisdiction of the BAR which would then be able to regulate these retailers.  The author notes that this is a consumer protection bill that will also ensure fair competition in the marketplace.

AB 2065 is sponsored by Les Schwab Tire Centers and is also supported by the California Tire Dealers Association

AB 2065 has passed the Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee by a vote of 8-0 and is currently referred to the committee on Appropriations.


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