The Bureau of Automotive Repair and Braking Systems: What Now?

Whether a car can come to a stop is perhaps more important than whether a car can start at all. For example, as people go up the winding roads to Lake Tahoe, they are often more concerned about the ability of their cars to get through the snow then they are of the ability of their cars to stop when needed. As the old-timers might say, it’s not whether you can get your car going that matters. It’s whether you can get your car to stop!

Another issue that many California drivers really are not that concerned about is smog and pollution. The reality is that they are more concerned about whether their cars will start and whether their radio is functioning, and whether they can put on their makeup or talk on their cell phones without being pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. Let’s face it, people are not that rational.

The Mission(s) of the Bureau of Automotive Repair

The mission of the Bureau of Automotive Repair is first and foremost to regulate the automotive repair industry, and in the case of most of our clients and their problems, its dealings with respect to smog and pollution control. However, the Bureau of Automotive Repair is also involved in safety and safety regulations, bringing us to brake and lamp inspections.

Bureau of Automotive Repair - Criminal LawWe pay a lot of attention to trends, rumors, and even gossip with respect to the automotive repair industry! We cannot say for certain whether everything we hear is true, but on the other hand, sometimes the rumor becomes the reality, whereas other times the rumor just stays a rumor. Be that as it may, it is a good reminder to everyone that first and foremost when conducting brake and lamp inspections on a vehicle, you must do your best to comply with the regulatory requirements. You probably already know this. In fact, were sure that you already know this if you are involved with the BAR. That’s not news.

What is news, or what is a source of constant friction between the industry and the Bureau of Automotive Repair is the use of so-called undercover cars by the Bureau. In a sort of stealth apparatus, the Bureau may be sending out undercover cars in surreptitious mode, with various issues with respect to a vehicles brake or lamp systems.

Braking System Issues Might Become Criminal in Nature vis-a-vis the Bureau of Automotive Repair

And, to make matters worse or at least more complicated, in some situations the Bureau of automotive repair may be interested in pursuing criminal action against a technician and or a station not because of a failure to comply with the testing requirements on the brake or lamp systems.

Now, this is a very informal blog, and any reader should take everything that we say on the blog with a grain of salt. After all, the purpose of a blog is to make commentary on what may or may be going on in in industry. This is not the gospel truth. We’re not sure it even is the truth.

But, in sum, we have the following potential issues. First, we have the possible issue that you must be correctly inspecting the brake and lamp systems. Second, we have the issue of the so-called undercover cars being sent out by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Third, we have the issue of the Bureau of Automotive Repair taking action against a technician or smog check station. And fourth, we have the possible issue of this action being criminal, as opposed to an administrative law problem.

If you have any concerns with respect to your dealings with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, whether these are criminal or administrative in nature, we strongly advise that you reach out to a trained attorney who has skill with respect to dealing with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. The devil, after all, is in the details!


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