Epidemic of Simulators in California Smog Check Inspections: Part #3

Editor’s Note: This is a multi-part letter from Attorney William Ferreira, known as one of the top attorneys in California working in cases against the Bureau of Automotive Repair. To read the full letter in PDF format, click here. If you as a Station Owner or as a Technician may be facing a possible action by the Bureau of Automotive Repair whether for a SMOG check problem or a STAR program problem, please reach out for a consultation today.

To: Members of the Emission Testing Community

From: William Ferreira

Re: Epidemic of Simulators in California Smog Check Inspections

Be Wary of Used Car Dealers

Also, be extremely weary of your used car dealer accounts or the curbside car flipper accounts that frequent your facility. Also, be wary of a repair facility that reefer’s you lots of inspections post repair work. These are the culprits we are seeing in these cases.

California Smog Check Lawyer

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I understand there is a lot of questions and a lot of concerns. I will do my best to give as much information as I can.

I figure this was the best way I could help the Smog Check Community. The Bureau of Automotive is not getting this information out to technicians to help them avoid this situation. They are using this data as an enforcement techniques to shut shops down. I always want to give back to the Automotive Repair and Emission Testing Community. I have more work than I can handle fighting for shops and technicians.

I will continue to do so.


William Ferreira

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Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Foter.com / CC BY


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