Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Vehicles: Don’t let your SMOG Shop go down the Rabbit Hole

Let’s get straight to the point, looking under the hood of a Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Vehicle is like an Adventure in Wonderland experience. Expert SMOG technicians may see the landscape as familiar, but nothing is as it seems. Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG check undercover carsThe OBDII systems testing appears to be working like it should, but it’s really not. A quick view of the PVC system will not reveal the Mad Tea Party happening in hidden spots along the line. The problem is most Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Vehicle “tricks” are hidden deep under the hood creating an illusion. Smog check defeat devices can fool common testing tools to give the car a passing grade when it shouldn’t.

We’ve talked in the past about the peril of a SMOG technician working on a Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Vehicle. These cars frequently show up at STAR certified SMOG shops with the intent of ensnaring a tech in making a testing mistake. It may be the BAR’s job to ensure emissions standards are being followed in California. That’s fine, we can respect their position. What we have trouble with is the tactics used to cite professional SMOG technicians just doing their job. It’s almost like the Bureau of Automotive Repair has gone to great pains to create confusion under the hood of an undercover.

Off with Their Heads! Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Vehicle Accusations

A common tactic is to accuse a SMOG station of “clean piping” or “clean plugging.” Basically blaming a STAR station for using the parts of another car during testing on a BAR97 machine to allow the vehicle to pass inspection. Can such a charge be true? Possibly. Is it always the case? Normally not. An accusation letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair is can be like the Red Queen playing judge and jury with very little real evidence.

We have appealed and won common accusations made by the BAR. Why? Because our legal teams works in the real world where the true law applies. A Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Vehicle has a job to do; catch your SMOG techs doing something wrong. The rules of their game change to help them gain the advantage. This is not a game of “Queen’s Chess,” and we have the legal power to help an accussed SMOG shop owner. Don’t allow a well-earned STAR certification to be chopped away from your shop. Play your cards right and contact our auto defense lawyers to protect your SMOG business.


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