Learn from your Mistakes and Get an Attorney When Appealing a Decision with the Bureau of Automotive Repair

Here’s a great quote: “It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us.”

Mistakes are just part of life. If you have kids like a few on our legal team, then you’ve seen them make many slip-ups as part of the learning process.

SMOG check station

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Growing up doesn’t seem to change this. Remember your first car? There was probably a learning curve that took its toll on your new “baby.” Simple things like ignoring the air filters for too long, or overlooking the condition of those brake pads resulted in a few costly blunders.
If you’re a STAR certified Smog Tech, then it’s safe to say you’ve grown since owning that first car. Unfortunately being an expert at smog testing cars doesn’t segue into defending an accusation from the BAR in court. If you’ve already tried to defend yourself through the informal process, it’s probably been a harsh lesson! Fortunately, you still have time to fix the flub and we can help.

Make No Mistake About it: Contact Us When Appealing a Decision with the Bureau of Automotive Repair

If you’ve lost a case with the BAR and are worried about what’s next, we say APPEAL. It may be something new to you, but it’s not to us. We’ll manage the process, but maybe you’ll learn a few things along the way.

Remember, when learning a new skill a common rule of thumb notes it can take up to 10,000 hours of practice and training. Many of our lawyers have SMOG tech backgrounds. We know it takes a minimum of 1,000 hours of training plus coursework to become a certified smog technician. We also understand formal training doesn’t prepare a tech for every problem they’ll come across in a shop. Once a tech begins SMOG testing for the public, the real learning curve takes place! Apply this same idea when appealing a decision with the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Sure, our attorneys can show you several legal degrees, but our experience comes from serving over 1,000 clients from STAR invalidation appeals to criminal cases. No amount of professional training could have prepared us for the reality of appealing a decision with the Bureau of Automotive Repair in court! We understand if you’ve lost and are looking to fix the error. It’s not too late. Contact our legal team for a consultation, and we can begin to put in the hours it takes to help appeal a decision and save your SMOG business.


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