It’s Not Easy Running a SMOG Station in California. You Not Only Have Customers, but the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair)

SMOG shops are a “dirty business”. It’s not easy work. And then you have to deal with a) unhappy customers, and b) the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

You have to deal with both customers and the BAR when running a SMOG shop.

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Certainly, all businesses have customers, but most of the time they are happy customers because the business owner goes out of his or her way to provide everything the customer needs in the way of goods or services.

But a SMOG shop is different, because you are out on the front-line testing customer’s vehicles and if they don’t pass the test then you have to fail them. That may sound obvious, but as you well know, customers can get really angry and unpleasant when you do that.

But you not only have to deal with unpleasant customers, you also have the Bureau of Automotive Repair. The problem here is that they will also get angry with you if they happen to think that you are passing vehicles which should not pass the test. And when they do that, they will come after you. They won’t just slap you on the wrist and tell you that you are a naughty boy or girl, and you really mustn’t do that again. Oh no, they will try to put you out of business!

If this should happen to you, whether as a SMOG shop owner or technician, then you really need to come running and looking for SMOG shop defense lawyers. And we don’t mean just any lawyers, but SMOG shop defense lawyers who fully understand all the technicalities of testing as well as fully understanding the law. There are not too many of those about.

You Are In Luck

But as it happens, you are in luck because you have access to William Ferreira. When it comes to SMOG shop defense lawyers, he stands head and shoulders above the rest. (Yes, we know, you would expect us to say that, but it happens to be true).

You see, he hasn’t been a lawyer all his life. Oh no. Years ago, he was an auto technician (really!) and he has done it all. Sure, he decided to leave the auto repair business and train as a lawyer, but having qualified, he decided to spend his time defending auto repair technicians and shop owners from the BAR. In fact, today, he does nothing other than defend such people and businesses against the BAR, and he has been doing it for the last 12 years. That also says something about the BAR when you consider it is a full-time job!

So, if you are on the wrong end of any sort of contact from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, you need to call Mr. Ferreira ASAP.


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