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As a smog technician or smog repair shop your STAR Program rating is your bread and butter. People from Los Angeles to San Francisco, San Diego to Eureka here in California, have to get their cars smogged, but if you are threatened with a Bureau of Automotive Repair invalidation, your business probably won’t survive. For […]

There’s nothing worse than getting caught-off guard in an attack. An attack could occur while you are walking back to your car in parking lot on a hot afternoon. Maybe you could be accosted outside a popular restaurant during a night out. Most people don’t realize how vulnerable they are until the moment presents itself. [...]
Taking charge of a business is one of the main components of offering a great product. This simply requires acting like a grown up and being responsible for yourself. We’ve seen how dedicated and accountable SMOG technicians are. Taking charge of their career and supporting their customers is like a badge of honor for many. [...]