Bureau of Automotive Repair Inspection Reports

The Bureau of Automotive Repair Station Inspection Report

If you want to know the sure fire way to ensure the demise of your license – sign a goddamn station inspection report.

The Bureau Program Representatives are like a set of police officers. When coming in to investigate either a consumer complaint or other disciplinary issue they have you sign what’s commonly called a station inspection report.

This inspection report will most definitely resurface in the future – as the basis for license discipline.

Consider this the ace in the hole for Bureau of Automotive Repair Program Representatives.

While they are smiling at you, pretending to be your friend, saying they just need to investigate the compliant or issue and “aren’t looking to bust you” they are in fact documenting admissions of violations, building a case file against you.

By signing it, you are certifying that yes – I have committed these violations.

They will be used against you in the future.

How do you handle a Inspection Report – don’t sign it until you read it word for word. Take some time, read it, understand that by signing it, you are authenticating the contents, which will resurface in the future. Understand that many of the little idiosyncrasies in the report build the foundation for license discipline.


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