Citations Leading to more Undercover Runs

Additional Bureau of Automotive Repair Undercover Runs

One of the concerns many of our clients have in fighting a citation is whether or not their insistence on invoking a constitutionally protected right of fighting governmental investigation that could affect your livelihood, mainly your license to do what you love, is whether or not it would result in increased undercover runs against you.

So, to answer your question, does fighting a citation increase undercover runs against you?


Absolutely not.

Fighting a citation, for one, is your right, a right that should be exercised in light of the specious undercover runs sent by Bureau representatives.

Second, independent of whether you fight your citation, you will be sent another undercover vehicle.

Let me repeat that – you will be sent another undercover run – whether you fight the citation or not.

The reason – the Bureau has a small window of time with which to culminate their 4-step citation procedure in order to revoke either a facilities or a technician’s license.

This means undercover runs are basically sent one right after each other, whether or not you contest a citation.

If you received a citation, you will have another undercover car sent against you – whether it’s 6 months from now after successfully defending against a citation or 30 days from now after the time for appeal passes.

Fighting a BAR Smog Citation doesn’t subject you to more undercover runs – they’re coming whether you fight it or not.

Just ask yourself, do you want one in 30 days or 6 months from now – fight your citations – don’t give the Bureau a free shot at your license – make them earn it.

If anything, they know someone is watching, making sure they aren’t running cheap, gimmicky, or otherwise deceiving runs that are outside what is permitted by law.


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