Star Certificate Invalidation Letters and the ability to keep STAR During Appeal

I need to inform you about this process, a process, which if handled correctly, will not only ensure continued STAR certification for at least several months, but possibly indefinitely, meaning no loss of STAR Certification.

Basically, the code calls for first, an informal hearing. Subsequent to the informal hearing, the facility has the option to request a formal administrative hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. With an Administrative Hearing, an independent judge hears the case. Their court calendar is also usually backed up for several months, providing valuable time to make necessary changes to STAR scores before the hearing.

You absolutely need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Several investigations by our firm have revealed extensive exculpatory evidence shifting blame to equipment failure or incompetent technicians who are in most cases, no longer employed at the facility. We can also attack FPR and SVFR with gusto, forcing the Bureau to reveal calculations or withdraw them from consideration.

These grounds provide us ample opportunity to prevent STAR Certification Invalidation, even in the event of a citation.

Although this does not go without saying, you keep your STAR Certification while we are in the appeal process.

And we’re the best at it.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss further. We know how important STAR Certification is to your business.


William Ferreira


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