Winning a STAR Invalidation Appeal

Many times when we get into the data created for STAR scores, including deviations, incorrect gear, SVFR, and FPR, Aborts, ASM restarts, we find inconstancies. Within these inconsistencies we can develop and draft carefully crafted argumentation explaining why the data reflects such issues.

Most times, we find that such deviations are not because the technician is attempting to “game the system.”

Sometimes our analysis reveals important insights into what may be the root cause of the problem. Sometimes we are very successful at finding and fixing the problem resulting in overturning of STAR invalidation at a very early stage, allowing you to go back to work and not worry about impending closure of your business with the loss of STAR.

It is when we get letters like these, we feel very fortunate to help our clients maintain their livelihood.

We’ll keep fighting.

STAR Overturned

William Ferreira


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