SMOG Check Stations in California: It’s Debatable

There are arguments and there are debates. An argument can include drama and bluster. There is name calling and pointing out what a jerk the other guy is.

SMOG Check Stations in California

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It’s normally not a very effective way of settling a dispute. A debate on the other hand, can be passionate but respectful. It includes convincing the audience, with real evidence, that your point of view is the best. There are facts and problem solving solutions to talk over. Even if everyone is on the same team, there can be times when it doesn’t feel that way.

For instance, if you are a SMOG check station owner in California, your job is to make sure customer cars are compliant with the Clean Air Act. The Bureau of Automotive Repair’s job is to ensure that clean air regulations are being enforced. Both sides are in the business of ensuring Californians have great quality air to breath. That’s a pretty good goal. Yet both sides work to achieve that goal in very different ways. Sometimes it can put you at opposite ends of the same discussion.

If your California SMOG check station has received a citation from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, it may not feel like you’re on the same side. A low STAR rating can shut down your business and put valued auto techs out of work. That’s a serious issue. It may even seem worth arguing over, but don’t. A SMOG suspension notice or any other type of accusation from the Bureau of Automotive Repair can be reasonably debated in court. As attorneys who defend auto shop owners, we know how to delve into the facts and speak to a judge passionately, but reasonably.

Our lawyers defend SMOG check stations in California against debatable accusation letters. The bureaucrats at the BAR may be on board with clean air, but their tactics can quickly put a hardworking SMOG check station owner on the defense. We are here to remind the Bureau of Automotive Repair that you are both on the same team!

Photo credit: roseannadana: Thank you for 3 million views via / CC BY-ND


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