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Santa Monica, California – November 26, 2019. Automotive Defense Specialists, a team of motivated defense attorneys representing clients against California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair is proud to announce a new informative post for the SMOG testing community in California on the issue of appeals.

Receiving a citation isn't fun. Maybe you're used to slowly rolling past the corner stop sign near home, and an officer happens to be nearby watching. BOOM! Citation. What if you find a great parking spot and misread the parking sign? You parked from 3 pm – 5 pm when those are the restricted hours? [...]
Santa Monica, California - July 30, 2018. Automotive Defense Specialists, a leading California law firm with defense attorneys working to support SMOG check stations, technicians, and participants in the STAR program against the Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce new blog posts for summer, 2018. Photo credit: Mic V. via Foter.com / CC [...]
As technology advances, the world seems to get smaller, especially when it comes to the shipping of goods. In California we have access to goods from around the world. Want to order a Celtic-style door made in Scotland for your house? Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Foter.com / CC BY It can be purchased and shipped [...]