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If a government employee tells you to do something, do you have any rights? Well, under the present circumstances, we might not be so sure. But leaving Coronavirus aside, you might realize that you DO have rights. To the best of our knowledge, they have NOT suspended the constitution in California. At least, not yet.

One of our favorite nightly news segments is the “news guy on your side.” We love watching reporter advocates support frustrated consumers who have been treated unfairly. The consumer is either trying to get their money back, or clear up an unfair charge accruing debt. The common scenario is that a consumer receives a bill [...]
We have a confession to make, we love a good James Bond film. No matter what situation Agent 007 is gets in, he manages to use his various talents to get out. Casino Royal is a great example of Bond seeming to lose it all, yet come back from sure disaster. In the film, Bond [...]
All professionals have one thing in common and that’s understanding the importance of customer service. How customers are treated can directly affect any business. Whether your profession required a college degree or several years of certified training, you are an expert. A true professional knows customers may pay for skill, but its excellent customer service [...]