Tag: BAR Citation

If you run a SMOG shop in California, you need a SMOG shop license from the state agency that regulates SMOG shops (the Bureau of Automotive Repair). That’s great because it means that you have been checked out and approved by the state. In turn, that means that you can offer SMOG checks, which is […]

Yes, this is scary. Well, it may not be scary to most people. In fact, the majority of people actually couldn’t care less. However, if you work in the auto repair or SMOG shop business in California from Los Angeles to San Francisco, San Diego to Sacramento, it should worry you very much indeed.

Arguing with someone is not something that any sane person actually wants to do, but unfortunately, life happens, and there are times when it cannot be avoided. This is particularly true in the case of the auto repair and SMOG station business, whether you are the owner or a technician.