Tag: BAR defense

When you run a SMOG shop it seems that you are under constant threat from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. From the point of view of someone in your business, it would appear that the BAR is constantly out to “get” you one way or another.

Receiving a citation isn't fun. Maybe you're used to slowly rolling past the corner stop sign near home, and an officer happens to be nearby watching. BOOM! Citation. What if you find a great parking spot and misread the parking sign? You parked from 3 pm – 5 pm when those are the restricted hours? [...]
Every hero has a sidekick. You can call them buddies, amigos, cohorts, assistants, colleagues, or associates. Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson, Batman had Robin, and Han Solo had Chewbacca. Sidekicks aren't necessary there for comic relief or a "side story." They can be real partners, managing the details in the background so the hero can [...]