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Santa Monica, California – December 30, 2019. Automotive Defense Specialists, a law firm defending the SMOG community against California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair citations, is proud to announce a new blog post on the perils of a so-called DIY strategy.

Getting a letter in the mail is exciting, or it might be. It’s more likely to be an email now. But a letter might be grandpa or grandma sending you a birthday gift. Maybe there’s money inside! It could be a bill (not so exciting), or it could be junk mail.

Have you ever had that moment when a little voice in the back of your head told you something was wrong, but you brushed it off? Only to find out later that gut feeling was right? We hear this a lot from our clients. They were having a busy day smog testing when one of [...]
Notice how we always find the time to enjoy a favorite greasy hamburger joint with friends but how that same energy can’t be summoned to run for just a ½ hour to burn off a few chili fries? Instead of dealing with the ever-expanding belly, we find simple “tricks” to believe it’s not that bad. [...]
Sometimes working in the auto repair and SMOG business can be a bit stressful. You’ve got anxious customers to keep calm. There are unexpected emergencies like a tow truck driver pulling up to the shop with a long-term customer’s “baby” at 4pm. Maybe it’s the day a trusted auto repair tech is bedridden due to [...]