Tag: BAR 97 Citations

Every hero has a sidekick. You can call them buddies, amigos, cohorts, assistants, colleagues, or associates. Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson, Batman had Robin, and Han Solo had Chewbacca. Sidekicks aren't necessary there for comic relief or a "side story." They can be real partners, managing the details in the background so the hero can [...]
Many SMOG stations and STAR Program participants are expressing concerning over the regulatory environment between the BAR97 machine and the newer OIS (On-board Diagnostic Inspection System) machine, especially controversy as to when each machine is required to be used. In some situations, the Bureau of Automotive Repair can express concerns about the proper or improper use of [...]
Automotive Defense Specialists, led by William Ferreira, a top Bureau of Automotive Repair defense attorney at, has issued an alert on their blog concerning confusion concerning BAR 97 vs. BAR-OIS actions taken by the Bureau of Automotive Repair in California. SMOG Check stations and participants in the STAR Program may be receiving citations concerning the [...]