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Automotive repair shop owners and technicians in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and other big California cities often search for the “best” attorney for a given issue. However, it’s not the most helpful way to think about finding a lawyer. What you need is a specialist in the type of problem that you have. So, […]

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Most auto repair technicians or owners in life would be happy to get on with things and avoid any arguments with other people as far as possible. After all, it’s great just to be able to enjoy yourself and, if you run a business whether in San Diego or San Francisco, run it in the […]

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It can be a tough life running an automotive repair shop whether you are in Los Angeles or San Francisco, Eureka or Union City. On one side you have the customers, and they can get very angry with you when you fail their vehicle in a SMOG test as required by California law.

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Receiving a citation is never fun. Even if it is a speeding citation from California’s Highway Patrol it can make you nervous. Sure, there’s the fine. Then there’s the ding to your license, and your insurance will go up. But at least you can keep driving.

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