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Santa Monica, California – February 29, 2020. Automotive Defense Specialists, lawyers serving the California SMOG community is proud to announce a new informational blog archive. Busy SMOG technicians and SMOG repair shop owners can use the archive to find food-for-thought for potential strategies should they be facing an action by California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair.

San Diego, California – January 28, 2020. Automotive Defense Specialists, a team of defense attorneys serving hard-working auto repair shops and technicians against California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce a new post for 2020 on the issue of appeals.

Have you ever had that moment when a little voice in the back of your head told you something was wrong, but you brushed it off? Only to find out later that gut feeling was right? We hear this a lot from our clients. They were having a busy day smog testing when one of [...]
If you've received an accusation from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, it's important to remember you are not going into court to clear up a "disagreement" with the BAR. It's a fight, and their lawyers are looking to bring your business down with a one, two punch. The only way to prepare is to immediately [...]