If You Receive a STAR Invalidation, You Need to Appeal It

The STAR program in California’s smog industry is the “creme de la creme,” that is the “best of the best.” It’s the state’s way to really “up the game” for both consumers who need SMOG certificates and shops that want to provide them.You need an attorney if you receive a STAR invalidation

However, if you receive a Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR invalidation, you need to take action immediately. You need an expert attorney to handle it for you because it can get extremely complicated. The first thing to do is to appeal and this must be done before the deadline in the STAR invalidation letter. You may also receive more than one STAR invalidation letter, and if this is the case you need to appeal each one that you receive, because it is not unusual for an auto repair shop to receive three or four of them. Every Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR invalidation letter has a separate number, so if it is different from an earlier invalidation you need to appeal it. Don’t stress it; reach out to a qualified attorney to understand the situation. It really depends.

You need to watch out for every contact from the BAR because if you make one false move and miss a deadline, your ability to test directed vehicles is out of the window in the twinkling of an eye. For some auto repair shops, that is as much as two thirds of their business, so in effect you are out of business.

Why Might You Need An Attorney?

Why might you need an attorney? Well, to put it bluntly, if you don’t use an attorney, you are very likely indeed to make mistakes, and you only need to make one. Furthermore, you need an attorney who is a specialist in dealing with the Bureau of Automotive Repair and that is why you need us at Automotive Defense Specialists. The clue is in our name. It’s what we do, day in and day out.

The fact is that the Bureau of Automotive Repair sends out over 1,000 STAR invalidation certificates every year, so if you receive one, you are not alone. But every one of them is different and so needs to be tackled from the correct angle.

Before training for the law, I was an auto technician myself, and I have kept right up to date with all the latest technologies. So, I understand all the technical aspects of the job of an auto technician, which is why I am the best person to deal with the BAR on your behalf.

Therefore, if you receive a Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR invalidation, don’t delay. Contact me immediately.


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