If You Own an Auto Repair Shop in California, It Can Be a Thankless Task

Oh boy! And you thought it was a great idea to run an auto repair shop in California. It was going to be profitable, and a great way to earn a living.

Don’t get us wrong. You’re right.

However, there are certain issues when you run an auto repair shop and they are (1) the customers and (2) the Bureau of Automotive Repair.It can be tough running a California auto repair shop.

Just to begin with, the customers can be tough to handle. They are OK when you pass their vehicle on its’ SMOG test, but when you fail it, they are a whole different kettle of fish. Suddenly, you are not a friendly auto repair shop owner or technician, but the enemy! No matter how you try to calm them down, they won’t take “no” for an answer, despite the fact that all that you have done is what the state requires you to do in order to ensure the health and safety of the population. You have followed the law implicitly, but nonetheless they hate you.

The Bureau Of Automotive Repair Can Be Worse

Then you have the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and they are even worse. Not only do they hate you, but they have the means to attack you and put you out of business, which is something that the customers can’t do, no matter how much they would like to.

When the Bureau of Automotive Repair believes that you have done something wrong it is no good thinking that they will eventually see your point of view, even though you know you haven’t done anything wrong.

The whole point at issue here is not whether you have, or have not, done something wrong. It is whether the Bureau of Automotive Repair thinks that you have. Because when they think that their only aim is to shut you down. And that is when you need an attorney for an auto repair shop.

Why? Because you can’t fight the BAR on your own. We’ve said this before, but it is like trying to fight Mohammad Ali with one hand tied behind your back. Knowing you are right won’t get you anywhere. You need us at Automotive Defense Specialists as your attorney for an auto repair shop in order take up your case and fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair on your behalf.

We understand the law regarding auto repair shops and the BAR, and we have an outstanding record to prove it.

So, when you have any sort of contact from the BAR, contact us immediately and appoint us as your attorney for an auto repair shop in order to take up the cudgels on your behalf. Whatever you do, don’t try to fight them on your own: you will lose.


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