Ratchet & Wrench Interview: Building Your Best Defense as an Auto Repair Shop or Technician

Our lead attorney, William Ferreira, was interviewed online by ‘Ratchet & Wrench,’ a leading journal for the automotive issues. As they explain in the summary of the interview, “When it comes to auto repair, there’s an education gap. Attorneys who understand the challenges that shop owners face in their day-to-day operations are few and far between. And as vehicles become more and more complex, the need to have a savvy legal pro in your corner has only become more urgent. William Ferreira, the go-to repair attorney behind the California-based Automotive Defense Specialists, explains how to bridge the gap and build an attorney relationship that’s well worth the investment.

Here’s the full interview:

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Summary of Interview

First, Auto repair shops and technicians face a lot of regulatory issues, especially in California. They may confront the Bureau of Automotive Repair when engaged in an action, and thus have to pro-actively defend themselves in a legal environment. Second, within this niche area of the law, finding a best-in-class auto repair shop attorney is paramount. The state has an aggressive stance vis-a-vis the auto repair industry and it is not always easy to defend one’s rights. An attorney can be a real help, though each situation is unique both in terms of the facts and of the law. Third, after an incident, do a thorough review of what caused the incident and work to mitigate your risk.


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