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Something that appeals to you, or “seems appealing” is something that you would like. Then there is the other sort of appealing, like appealing to the Supreme Court, for instance. That is no fun at all because it means that you have been found guilty of something and now you have to appeal against that […]

May 31, 2017 - San Francisco, California. Automotive Defense Specialists and lead attorney William Ferreira are proud to announce an important 'open letter' concerning an emerging problem in California's SMOG check industry, the problem of illegal simulators. Photo credit: debaird™ via Foter.com / CC BY-SA Simulators are used to illegally pass SMOG checks and, unfortunately, [...]
Everything on the Internet seems up for debate these days. A never ending debate on Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube it seems. Is it car or automobile? What is the meaning of the Oxford Comma and do we care. In fact, there's even a lawsuit over the Oxford Comma (no kidding). If you spend any [...]
We have a confession to make, we love a good James Bond film. No matter what situation Agent 007 is gets in, he manages to use his various talents to get out. Casino Royal is a great example of Bond seeming to lose it all, yet come back from sure disaster. In the film, Bond [...]
All professionals have one thing in common and that’s understanding the importance of customer service. How customers are treated can directly affect any business. Whether your profession required a college degree or several years of certified training, you are an expert. A true professional knows customers may pay for skill, but its excellent customer service [...]
We spend a fair amount of time on our blog, criticizing and complaining about California's Bureau of Automotive Repair. That's understandable, because as attorneys who represent technicians and station owners who are "in trouble" in some way, shape or fashion with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, we aren't exactly seeing everyone on their best days. [...]