Accused of Something by California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair? You’re Not Necessarily Guilty

Working in the auto repair business can certainly have its’ rewards. However, at the same time, you always have the Bureau of Automotive Repair lurking in the background, like some lion in the jungle stalking you. That side of things is no fun at all.An accusation by the BAR doesn’t automatically make you guilty.

It becomes even less fun if you receive a Bureau of Automotive Repair accusation. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are guilty of anything by any manner of means. It just means, if you receive a Bureau of Automotive Repair accusation, that they believe that you are guilty of something. That is why they “accused” you. In fact, to “accuse” someone of something simply implies that that person or company has done something – usually something wrong.

For instance, when you were a kid, your mom might have accused you of spilling water on the carpet or damaging a plant in the yard. That doesn’t mean that you did it. Maybe your brother did it? In that case, you would defend yourself. You’d tell your mom that you didn’t do it and that your brother was responsible. Or perhaps that you didn’t do it, but you don’t know who did. You have certain rights when you are accused of something.

Not The Same as a Smack On The Bottom!

However, if it is a Bureau of Automotive Repair accusation, then you are going to need some help. This is because such an accusation can put you out of business! It’s not quite the same thing as getting a smack on the bottom because your mom thinks that you damaged the plant! Going back to that example, maybe your sister could help you because she could tell mom that she saw your brother do it.

When you hear from the Bureau of Automotive Repair you need expert help because it is a serious matter. If you try to defend yourself, you will finish up with a lot more than a smack on the bottom. More likely, no business. You could lose your license, and that may devastate your business and livelihood.

This is why, if you have a BAR accusation, you need to talk to our lawyer, William Ferreira, at Automotive Defense Specialists. It’s what we do. We have over ten years of experience of defending auto repair shops against accusations from the BAR. And we have many successful cases that have saved our clients from being put out of business.

Mr. Ferreira is not only a highly qualified lawyer, but he also spent several years as an auto technician before changing direction and studying law. So not only is he an expert in the law, but he is also an expert in all of the technical side of auto repair. You couldn’t have a better man on your side.


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