It Is Very Scary, Indeed, if a State Agency Accuses You of a Criminal Offense

“Criminal” is a scary legal word. It just means, however, that the state is angry with you. It’s serious – don’t get us wrong. But that’s what it means in a legal sense. If it is just two private parties in a dispute, that is regarded as a civil matter. criminal defense attorney for an auto repair shop or smog repair station in CaliforniaSo, for example, if you ask me to do some work for you and I do it, but you don’t pay me, then I would bring a civil charge against you. You can’t go to jail for that. But you can go to jail for a criminal offense.

A criminal charge also implies that you did, or did not do, whatever it was deliberately. You may not have done it deliberately, but the state thinks that you did.

So, as a SMOG shop, if you receive a criminal charge from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, you are going to need the services of a criminal defense attorney for a SMOG shop. And that means that you need a specialist lawyer.

Identifying an Attorney Who Specializes in Auto Repair Shops and Technicians in California

As with many professions, lawyers tend to specialize. So, for example, some will specialize in divorce cases. Others will specialize in finance. Still, others will work on corporate legal cases, or in the construction industry. It follows that if you need a criminal defense attorney for a SMOG shop, you need someone with a deep knowledge of auto repair work. You can’t use the services of a general attorney because he or she will not have the first idea about all the technicalities of diagnostic procedures or, say, the functional check of an EGR valve.

The problem is that unless you have a specialist lawyer who understands all of this, you can finish up with a criminal record. Even if you don’t go to jail, it will likely finish your business. The other problem when you need a criminal defense attorney for a SMOG shop is that they are few and far between. Why would your average lawyer understand all of this technical stuff? He/she wouldn’t. They would have to go and read up all about it and then try to make a good case in court.

Wouldn’t it be much better if you had an attorney who understood all the technicalities of auto repair and the SMOG business in the first place?

Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney

The good news is that there is such an attorney in California. William Ferreira of Automotive Defense Specialists began his life working as an auto repair technician! He then changed course and trained to become a lawyer, but he has kept up to date with all the developments in auto repair. He has, and can, work as a criminal defense attorney against the Bureau of Automotive Repair in California.

Today, Mr Ferreira does nothing other than defend auto repair shops and SMOG shop owners against charges that they have done wrong. His success rate, as an expert, is second to none, so he is the man you need if you are facing criminal charges in your auto business.


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