It Is Essential to Take All Steps to Keep California’s Air Clean

SMOG is a serious problem in California, and at Automotive Defense Specialists we fully support regulatory efforts to keep California’s air clean. The SMOG shop industry should be proud of all the hard work that you all do to help enforce California’s tough air quality regulations.Air free from SMOG benefits all in California.

However, even though what you do as a SMOG shop owner or technician is helping to keep our air clean, that doesn’t mean that the Bureau of Automotive Repair will automatically leave you alone. It is all too easy to have them coming around feeling your collar for something that they think you have done or not done. Not only that, but if you are the owner of a SMOG shop you can be as good as gold, and yet still run into trouble because one of your technicians made a mistake.

In fact, the problem is that, even if you know that you do everything at your absolute best you can still be in trouble. This is because it is a question of what the Bureau of Automotive Repair believes that you have done or not done correctly. And if that is what they believe, then they will come after you like a dog chasing a cat. Or a cat chasing a mouse. But you get the idea.

This is why, if you have any sort of contact from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, you should never, ever, try to deal with them on your own. They will tear you to shreds! You need somebody on your side to take them on at their own level. Somebody who knows how they think and the ways in which they work. Such as sending out an undercover vehicle with a fault that is very difficult to spot in order to try and trick you into making an error. Talk about underhand, but that is the way things are!

You Need A Specialist Lawyer

So, if you have any contact from the Bureau of Automotive Repair at your SMOG shop, you need to come running to a lawyer. But not just any lawyer. You need someone who understands the law – obviously – but also understands the way that the BAR works, and also understands all of the modern-day tech that is involved in our vehicles today.

In short, you need William Ferreira at Automotive Defense Specialists. The accent is on “specialists”. This is what we do, all day and every day: defend people in the automotive repair and SMOG industry against the BAR. In fact, Mr Ferreira does nothing else. You want a divorce? Sure, he could handle it, but you’ll need to go elsewhere, because he is too busy fighting the BAR on behalf of clients.

And he can do the same for you.


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