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When you run a SMOG shop it seems that you are under constant threat from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. From the point of view of someone in your business, it would appear that the BAR is constantly out to “get” you one way or another.

If you've received an accusation from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, it's important to remember you are not going into court to clear up a "disagreement" with the BAR. It's a fight, and their lawyers are looking to bring your business down with a one, two punch. The only way to prepare is to immediately [...]
Getting a SMOG violation letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair can be akin to a dolphin caught in a commercial fishing net. They don’t want the dolphin, but are too busy sorting through the fish to notice. Photo credit: Loco Steve via Foter.com / CC BY So as the BAR works through other STAR [...]
Santa Monica, California - December 18, 2016. Automotive Defense Specialists, top defense lawyers for Bureau of Automotive Repair accusations, citations, and other issues concerning SMOG and STAR program problems for California automobile repair stations and technicians, is proud to release a timely blog post on so-called 'accusations.' Auto repair shops and SMOG stations may be [...]
September 23, 2016 - San Francisco, CA. Automotive Defense Specialists, a California law firm of attorneys defending against Bureau of Automotive Repair citations, accusations, and letters, is proud to announce the publication of a resource list for station owners and technicians of official Bureau of Automotive Repair resources. “Our mission is to make life easier [...]