You Can Be a STAR Auto Technician, but Still Threatened With Loss of Your STAR Certification

“Gen Z” seems to have grown up with the idea that everyone is a “star”. You know, “participation trophies” and all that jazz? No matter what a “star” you are, you can still lose your STAR Certification

Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply when you grow up and get out into the real world. Sure, as an auto repair shop owner, you may indeed be a “star” at what you do, and you may be a part of the STAR program. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot be faced with Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR revocation, because you can!

Neither does that mean that you have been a bad boy, as the Bureau of Automotive Repair would have everyone believe. Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR revocation can come about for reasons that you may never have even considered. It can be something that is not your fault, but was done by one of your technicians, perhaps without your knowledge or because he failed to follow your instructions. But as far as the BAR is concerned, its’ your business and therefore, as the owner, you are responsible.

The Biggest Threat To An Auto Repair Shop Owner

In fact, the BAR is probably the biggest threat to any auto repair shop owner’s livelihood. Yes, one of your team could have made an error resulting in a claim from a customer, but that won’t put you out of business, even if you have to make a payment to that customer. A Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR revocation could cause you an enormous amount of damage.

The BAR is like a hidden gremlin, hiding out of sight just around the corner, waiting for you to put a foot wrong. And if you do, they will jump on you like a ton of bricks. This is why you have to fight them tooth and nail if that should ever happen.

However, like most things, you need some expert help. If you have a tooth that needs pulling, you would go to a dentist. You wouldn’t try to pull it out yourself with a pair of pliers. (Well, OK, there is always the odd clown, but most people have got common sense).

If you have a threat of your STAR being revoked, you need an attorney who understands the law intricately and is able to fight the BAR on your behalf. In this case, that would be our William Ferreira at Automotive Defense Specialists.

He is not only a specialist at dealing with the BAR (he actually does nothing else) but he was formerly an auto repair technician before changing careers. So, he fully understands everything about auto repair as well as the law.

Now that’s what we call a specialist.


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