When You Are Involved in Anything to Do With the Law, You May Need a Lawyer

Running an auto repair shop, or even working as a technician, is not without it’s dangers. Many a time you can be sued by a customer who is unhappy about something such as a repair that they feel has not been carried out correctly.Auto repair technicians can get sued by customers and also the BAR.

But you not only have the customers to worry about when you are in the auto repair business, because, unlike many other countries and states, we also have the Bureau of Automotive Repair. This can mean that you can have actions coming at you from two directions, even though all you are trying to do is an honest job.

OK, on that note, we know that there are a few cowboys in the auto repair business, but they are few and far between. Most auto repair shop owners and technicians just want to do a great job and keep everyone happy, while at the same time earning a decent living. That’s what it is all about, after all.

Undercover Cars

The problem with the Bureau of Automotive Repair is that it will often set out to deliberately try to trap a technician into making an error. In what other business does that happen? It’s a fact that they send out undercover cars with an issue that is hard to spot, for the sole purpose of being able to say that you made a mistake and therefore they can put you out of business. If it wasn’t so serious, it could almost be funny!

Being on the wrong end of a citation or accusation is no laughing matter, and if it should happen to you then you need an attorney for an auto repair shop who knows all the ins and outs of auto repair and all the technical issues.

Our William Ferreira at Automotive Defense Specialists is just that: an attorney for an auto repair shop who understands the business inside out. This is because before becoming a lawyer, he was actually an auto repair technician himself. So, he has done everything on the technical side of auto repair, and as a result he is able to tackle the Bureau of Automotive Repair head on.

Certainly, if you have any contact from the Bureau of Automotive Repair you need an attorney for an auto repair shop, but in this case you won’t have to sit in an office trying to explain the technicalities to a lawyer who may be a very good lawyer, but hasn’t a clue about auto repair, other than that when he wants his car serviced he takes it to an auto repair shop and lets them get on with it.

A lawyer who is also an auto repair technician! What could be better?


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