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At Automotive Defense Specialists we do not represent drivers! We do not represent auto repair customers! And we certainly do not represent the Bureau of Automotive Repair! We ** exclusively ** represent auto shops, SMOG shops, and SMOG technicians who are threatened with actions by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. We are thus Bureau of […]

Most auto repair technicians or owners in life would be happy to get on with things and avoid any arguments with other people as far as possible. After all, it’s great just to be able to enjoy yourself and, if you run a business whether in San Diego or San Francisco, run it in the […]

Updated: February 16, 2016 (We’re hearing reports of citations for using the old machine (using BAR 97 instead of the OIS new system), which are now being used to invalidate STAR even though the BAR originally said they would not use it to invalidate STAR).


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