If You Hear From the Bureau of Automotive Repair, Our Lawyers on Your Side

At Automotive Defense Specialists we do not represent drivers! We do not represent auto repair customers! And we certainly do not represent the Bureau of Automotive Repair! We ** exclusively ** represent auto shops, SMOG shops, and SMOG technicians who are threatened with actions by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. We are thus Bureau of Automotive Repair defense lawyers.Defending SMOG shops and technicians from the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Should you have any contact from California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair, then you most certainly need a Bureau of Automotive Repair defense lawyer on your side. This is because the “BAR” always thinks that it is correct and that you are in the wrong, and the problem is that they employ a team of very expensive lawyers, who are there for the sole purpose of proving that they are right, and it is you who is in the wrong. In effect, they are paying these people to put you out of business. Not nice.

Don’t Try To Deal With Them On Your Own

This is why you need a Bureau of Automotive Repair defense lawyer to help you to stand up to them. Whatever you do, do not try to deal with them on your own. Quite simply, they will take you to the cleaners. You may believe that you are right. You may know that you are right. But that is not the point. They want to take away your license and they will do whatever it takes to achieve just that. So, it puts you out of business. So what? They don’t care.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair (based in our capital, Sacramento) exists for the sole purpose of enforcing the regulations, and in one sense that is a good thing because there may be a few cowboy auto repair technicians or shop owners who ought to be put out of business. But the trouble is that they tar you all with the same brush, so for the sake of a few cowboys everyone else gets the same treatment.

To give you an idea of just how bad things are, would you believe that at Automotive Defense Specialists, our lead attorney, William Ferreira, does nothing other than defend auto repair shop and SMOG shop owners and technicians from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. He does it all day, every day. He offers aggressive defense representation from Eureka to Los Angeles, San Diego to San Francisco, and everywhere in between in our great state which is literally “full” of SMOG shops and auto repair shops.

If nothing else, that should tell you why you need William Ferreira to defend you against the Bureau. It is his specialty. He also happens to have been a fully trained and skilled auto repair technician himself, before changing track and becoming a lawyer, so he knows the auto repair business inside out.


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