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Running an auto repair shop isn’t easy. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or San Diego, Modesto or Eureka, California doesn’t make the life of the small business entrepreneur easy. Modern cars are very complicated, and modern (California) consumers are even worse. You may have all sorts of issues with your customers, and when they’re unhappy […]

It’s hard enough to fix cars these days in California! So many regulations! And the cars are more complex than ever. What’s worse is the government oversight by the Bureau of Automotive Repair can be onerous. Well, you have rights – among them the right to have a defense attorney for automotive repair shops should […]

If a judgement goes against you and in favor of the Bureau of Automotive Repair, it is not necessarily the end. You still have a right to appeal. It may be that you didn’t use an attorney (big mistake) and decided to “go it alone”. Maybe you did use an attorney. Either way, you still […]

Los Angeles, California – September 2, 2020. Automotive Defense Specialists, a law firm that represents auto shop station owners and repair technicians who participate in California’s SMOG and/or STAR Programs for air quality, is proud to announce a new post on the perils and pitfalls of finding a defense attorney to defend one’s rights against […]

We work with auto repair shops, SMOG check technicians and participants in the Bureau of Automotive Repair‘s STAR program, not just because we recognize the opportunity to help people stand up for their rights in legal proceedings against a government regulatory agency but also because – quite frankly – we love cars. America has had […]

San Francisco, CA – Septmeber 27, 2015. Automotive Defense Specialists, a top law firm specializing in Bureau of Automotive Repair litigation at https://automotivedefense.com/, is proud to announce an update to its lively blog, entitled “SMOG in California: SMOKE and FOG, Some History.”