Bureau of Automotive Repair Law Firm, Automotive Defense Specialists Issues Blog Post on SMOG History and Facts

San Francisco, CA – Septmeber 27, 2015. Automotive Defense Specialists, a top law firm specializing in Bureau of Automotive Repair litigation at https://automotivedefense.com/, is proud to announce an update to its lively blog, entitled “SMOG in California: SMOKE and FOG, Some History.”


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“Our primary focus as a law firm is helping auto repair shops and technicians in any disputes that they may have with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Every quarter the Bureau of Automotive Repair sends out anywhere between 200-400 STAR Invalidation Notices to California Smog Check Inspection Facilities,” explained explained William Ferreira of the Specialized Law Firm of Automotive Defense Specialists.  “However, we’ve realized that to keep our blog lively and fresh we need to branch out to more general, interesting issues that touch on California’s tough anti-pollution laws. Therefore, we wrote this informative post on the history of SMOG.”

To read the new post, please visit https://automotivedefense.com/2015/09/07/smog-in-california-smoke-and-fog-some-history/. One can click up to the blog, and see many new posts on topics not just about Bureau of Automotive Repair disputes and citations, but also about how to reach out to an attorney for a consultation.

SMOG and California

The SMOG check and STAR program originate in California’s famous smog problem, especially in the Los Angeles basin. The post, explains as follows:

SMOG comes from “smoke” and “fog,” of course, but in Los Angeles and most of California one of its primary components is vehicle emissions. When a weather inversion hits Los Angeles, (meaning that the air is literally trapped), then the pollution from the area’s millions of cars, has nowhere to go.

In addition, the post points the reader to more in-depth information available from California government agencies on SMOG issues.


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