It’s Hard Running an Auto Repair Shop. You Have Customers and the Bureau of Automotive Repair

Running an auto repair shop isn’t easy. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or San Diego, Modesto or Eureka, California doesn’t make the life of the small business entrepreneur easy. Modern cars are very complicated, and modern (California) consumers are even worse. You may have all sorts of issues with your customers, and when they’re unhappy they may get after you. They can be unhappy for all sorts of reasons – if they think the bill is too big or you have failed them on a SMOG test for instance.As an auto repair technician you have the BAR as well as unhappy customers

However, it gets worse than that, because you also have the Bureau of Automotive Repair hovering in the background. Lots of businesses do not have any regulatory body, but the auto repair business does. As long as the BAR is hovering in the background, then that’s OK. However, if you receive a citation or any other contact from them, then it is a whole different ball game.

The big danger here is that if the Bureau of Automotive Repair believes that you have done something wrong it will seek to put you out of business. It doesn’t matter that you know that you haven’t done anything wrong: as long as they just believe that you have, they will come gunning for you.

A Big Mistake: Failing to Hire an Attorney

This is where some auto technicians or repair shop owners have made a big mistake in the past. They know that they are not in the wrong, so they try to deal with the BAR themselves on the basis that they know they are right. Unfortunately, this fails to take into account the might of the Bureau of Automotive Repair which now seeks to keep the whole state safe by putting you out of business!

This is when you need an auto repair shop lawyer on your side – one who can take on the Bureau of Automotive Repair on your behalf in order to make sure that you don’t go out of business.

At Automotive Defense Specialists our auto repair shop lawyer is William Ferreira, and he has over ten years’ experience of fighting the Bureau of Automotive Repair and winning. He is also a fully trained auto repair technician himself, which was his job before he switched careers and trained as lawyer. So, he knows and understands the ins and outs of it from both sides of the coin.

Whatever you do, don’t try to tackle the Bureau of Automotive Repair on your own. You won’t win. If you had a toothache you wouldn’t try to sort that out on your own: you would see a dentist. The same thing applies here: you need a specialist to help you. And that specialist is William Ferreira.


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