California is the Golden State and a Great Place to Live (and even Be a Smog Shop)

California, the Golden State, is so called because of the gold that was discovered here in 1848. There are also fields full of golden poppies every Spring. Another explanation is that California is a great place in which to live and to raise a family and to do business. California, the Golden State became the state’s official nickname in 1968.

Whatever the reasons for the name, at Automotive Defense Specialists we take great pride in helping auto repair shops and repair technicians to build their businesses and defend them against adverse regulatory actions from the Bureau of automotive repair. And those things happen all too often.California Bureau of Automotive Repair Attorney

Of course, there are some rogue businesses in the auto repair sector, and it is right that they should be hunted out and closed down, but they are a very small minority. Not only that, but the same thing applies to almost any other type of business or industry: there are always a few people who will cut corners or even break the law if they think that they can get away with it.

But by and large the vast majority of business people are law abiding and strive to serve their customers with the very best products or services that they can, as we do ourselves. This makes it all the more galling that the auto repair sector seems to have been singled out for attack.

Don’t Try To Do It On Your Own; Hire a Defense Attorney

However, we have to face the facts as they are rather than as we would wish them to be, and that means that if you are on the receiving end of a citation, accusation, interim suspension order, or even criminal charges from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, you are going to need some help. It is absolutely no good at all to try and defend them on your own because they will run rings around you. If they are convinced that you have done wrong, their intention is to put you out of business.

At Automotive Defense Specialists our job is to tackle the Bureau of Automotive Repair on your behalf and save your livelihood. And we are very good at what we do. This is because our William Ferreira is not only a qualified attorney but spent many years in the auto repair business before he changed tracks and studied law. He has done it all – welding roll cages, complete engine rebuilds, R & R work, restoration, diagnosing today’s computerized vehicles, and more.

Furthermore, we cover the whole of California, the Golden State, so if you are suffering the attentions of the Bureau of Automotive Repair, book an appointment to see Defense Attorney William Ferreira.


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