Just Fixing Cars Is Hard Enough, but Then You Have All the Regulations

It’s hard enough to fix cars these days in California! So many regulations! And the cars are more complex than ever. What’s worse is the government oversight by the Bureau of Automotive Repair can be onerous. Well, you have rights – among them the right to have a defense attorney for automotive repair shops should you face an action by the Bureau.An auto technician’s life is hard enough without all the regulations.

And let’s be honest: if you are on the wrong end of anything from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, you do need an attorney because if you try to take on the Bureau on your own they will run rings around you. You have to realize that when the BAR sets out to get you, they intend to do just that, and as far as they are concerned that means putting you out of business. After all, you are a naughty little auto technician or repair shop owner, and the public must be protected from you!

That is why they go to such extreme lengths in order to achieve their ends. It is astounding that the laws actually allow them to do things such as using undercover cars with the sole intention of trying to get you to make a mistake, but unfortunately, they do.

You Do Have Certain Protections under the Law

However, the law does allow you certain protections and that includes the right to have a defense attorney for automotive repair shops, such as William Ferreira. He is not just an ordinary attorney, but a specialist in dealing with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, to the extent that he does nothing else. If you want a divorce or want to sue a customer for non-payment, he actually could handle that for you, but he doesn’t. His full-time job is acting as defense attorney for automotive repair shops, and just that alone keeps him very busy.

As a result, he knows everything that is needed to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair, but there is another side to him which makes him the best attorney that you could possibly get in California when the BAR comes after you. That is the fact that he is also a fully trained auto technician. That is the way he began life before taking up law, and he has done just about everything. Over the ensuing years he has kept up with the developing technologies, so he understands everything from the technical point of view as well as the legal side of things.

So if you need an attorney to fight the Bureau of Automotive Repair, contact William Ferreira. Just send him copies of the STAR Invalidation, Accusation, Citation Paperwork, Bureau of Automotive Repair case filings, letters from District Attorneys or City Attorneys, faxed to (415) 366-8429 or emailed to [email protected] before a consultation so that he fully understands your case.


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