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Santa Monica, California - July 30, 2018. Automotive Defense Specialists, a leading California law firm with defense attorneys working to support SMOG check stations, technicians, and participants in the STAR program against the Bureau of Automotive Repair, is proud to announce new blog posts for summer, 2018. Photo credit: Mic V. via Foter.com / CC [...]
As technology advances, the world seems to get smaller, especially when it comes to the shipping of goods. In California we have access to goods from around the world. Want to order a Celtic-style door made in Scotland for your house? Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Foter.com / CC BY It can be purchased and shipped [...]
As attorneys who defend SMOG stations and auto shops from the Bureau of Automotive Repair, we may sound as if we don’t appreciate what they do. That’s not true. Bureau of Automotive Repair SMOG checks have given California residents cleaner air to breathe. Their inspections and STAR certifications have ensured consumers can find the best [...]
We're experts at everything to do with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Most of our incoming calls are from SMOG stations, SMOG techs, or STAR Program stations who have received a letter, a citation, and/or an accusation from the BAR. They're confounded, often angry - a) what have the done wrong, if anything, b) how [...]