How to Dispute a Bureau of Automotive Repair Letter: Don’t Jeopardize Your Business

Board games have come back in a big way. Many bookstores dedicate entire sections dedicated to games and mind-stretching puzzles. We like games. They can be stimulating, yet get our minds off work and still exercise the brain. Although there are a myriad of new games to choose from today, the old favorites are still popular. Take “Jeopardy” for instance, it’s been on the air since 1975. It’s available to play on board games, apps or college campuses. One reason for Jeopardy’s longevity could be that the game takes real life smarts to win.

The rules are simple; pick a topic and answer in the form of a question. The points earned for each topic can range from 100 to 1,000. How well do you know your topic? Do you want to answer “Composers around the World” for 300 points?

Bureau of Automotive Repair Letter

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What about “Greek Mythology” for 500 points? One thing is certain, you’re probably never going to see the topic of “Bureau of Automotive Repair Letters” on the board. Why? Because unlike most Jeopardy topics, some answers for BAR accusations, citations, or inquiry letters are just not easy to understand. That’s why disputing a Bureau of Automotive Repair letter alone could take you out of the SMOG certification game.

Whether it’s a STAR invalidation, citation or accusation each case requires a knowledge not easily attained by regular academic means. It requires the professional skills of a seasoned legal team ready with the right answers.

Let’s Play! TOPIC: Bureau of Automotive Repair Letter and How to Dispute Them

Here are five reasons contacting ab automotive defense attorney may be the correct answer;

1. STAR invalidation letter – Each Bureau of Automotive Repair letter is different and needs a specific strategy. If you do it alone, there are codes, statues and regulations to study up on. Variations within the laws and case can change how you interpret the rules. A defense attorney who disputes BAR cases already knows how to decipher the puzzle and move on to the next round.

2. Deadlines – depending on the case, deadlines are tricky. One misunderstanding and your shop could lose its STAR certification. For example, an Interim Suspension Order only allows a few weeks of preparation before a hearing. If you miss one detail about the dispute, or one deadline, game over. An automotive defense attorney knows how to play by the rules and win.

3. Low FPR Scores – The rules for FPR scoring are wayyyy more complicated than a daily double topic. If you’ve made a mistake, contacting the Bureau of Automotive Repair alone may not clear up the problem. They might question prior years FPR scores based on several factors. An auto defense lawyer understands special rules and can quickly clear up misunderstandings.

4. STAR Certified Technicians – Don’t be quick to give up your team players. Even if they are cited as the reason for a Bureau of Automotive Repair dispute. It’s tough to find skilled, hard-working STAR technicians. Firing one won’t make the BAR accusation go away. A defense attorney can review the details to see what they can do to help solve a STAR violation…and possibly retain a loyal employee.

5. Time – How much to you have to dispute a Bureau of Automotive Repair letter? There are only so many hours to answer all the questions correctly, or lose your STAR certification. Your time is better spent focusing on business and customers. Let a professional attorney handle the minutia that has dropped a STAR score and stay in the game.

Games can be enjoyable, but learning how to dispute a letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair is not fun. Play to win and get an expert auto defense attorney well versed in BAR citations and accusations.

Photo credit: Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view via / CC BY


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