Gladiators of the Courtroom: Use a Bureau Automotive Repair Defense Lawyer

We talk a lot about Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense attorneys. It’s reasonable, since that’s who we are. But why did we choose this type of law in the first place? How does an attorney decide which causes are worthy of fighting for? Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense LawyerIn our case, our founders began working in the auto industry. We were SMOG techs, shop foreman, parts specialists and service writers who experienced a pummeling from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. We noticed a lack of legal protections offered to hard working auto experts. It was discouraging to see many in our community lose their livelihood due to one BAR citation letter. Who was coming to their defense?

We got angry, and then we got busy. SMOG shops needed a specialized group of lawyers to guard the industry against a barrage of accusations. We knew a strong offensive troop had to be equaled by a tough defensive resistance. A brigade of Bureau of Automotive defense lawyers was created to help ensure the auto community could be in a fair fight. Our team of attorneys has studied and trained for years to properly battle in court with the BAR.

A Capable Bureau of Automotive Repair Defense Lawyer Can Restore Peace to your SMOG Business

The element of surprise is a key offensive strategy. That’s why sometimes A STAR citation can look like a Trojan horse to a technician. A SMOG shop receives a letter for one reason and then later on, an overwhelming number of infractions arrive. Before you know it, a SMOG shop has been hit with an interim suspension order and is fighting for its life. This kind of fight doesn’t have to get messy. A Bureau of Automotive Repair defense lawyer can dispute each one and protect against the slaughter of an auto technicians livelihood.

It has to be said, there are moments when a BAR citation is substantiated. Protecting California by fighting for clean air is a worthy cause. California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair was established with that valuable goal in mind. Yet SMOG certification technicians are not the enemy. Whether it’s a STAR accusation, citation or criminal case, there may be areas where a truce can be agreed upon. Mistakes can easily be corrected without starting an all-out war and pulling a STAR certificate. Even when the BAR has a reasonable case, a defense lawyer can lower the amount of legal fatalities to a STAR certification program. So when the Bureau of Automotive Repair is on the offensive, remember that resistance always includes a top auto defense lawyer.


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