How do You Rate with the Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR Scores?

Doesn’t it all seem to be about ratings in today’s cyber-centric society? Checking out the scores of a service before contacting them has become common place. If a restaurant constantly receives two out of five bananas on the Monkey-Loves-Bananas website, it may eventually reflect in a loss of business.

Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR scores

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As far as we know, no such website exits (we just checked), but the desire for a business to score high with customers does. A high score normally indicates customer satisfaction. Happy customers sharing their wonderful experience can translate to more happy customers and equally happy business owners.

A constantly low score might indicate there’s trouble in paradise. Managers may believe their staff is fully trained and customer service oriented, but rating can reflect something else. Maybe the service isn’t really filling customer needs. There could be a problem in the culture of the business. Low scores can also point to possible problems down the road like citation letters from state agencies. That’s why we want to remind SMOG technicians, auto shop owners and dealers to pay attention to their Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR scores.

When Meeting Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR Scores, Aim High!

There are two scores that matter to a STAR program station or technician. First, and the easiest, are customer service ratings. Public expectations for a solid SMOG check can be fairly simple. All they want is for it to polite, quick and done right. As long as your technicians avoid “difficult resting face” and keep a friendly demeanor, they should do just fine. The second rating is slightly more difficult. It involves the Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR scores.

Sure, your technicians are trained and tested. You’ve done everything to follow the rules and regulations required to run the best SMOG station around, but these ratings are not so simple. Low scores from The Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR program could indicate a possible problem in your shop…or it couldn’t. Convoluted laws and regulations could mean the scoring system isn’t working in an auto technician’s favor. Even if technicians are well-trained and the customers love them, your shop could be in jeopardy of receiving a violation letter due to low FPR (Follow Up Pass Rate) scores. So how do you keep from losing an important STAR certification? First, station owners can check their own STAR program score at this website:

Second, if you are scoring low, contact our defense lawyers. We’re experts at working to defend your rights against California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair. It’s not only Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR scores to look out for. There are a host of short term measures a SMOG station is rated on. Any indication of low ratings with the BAR could result in an unexpected letter, citation, or even a so-called accusation letter in the future. Contact our defense attorneys to ensure your STAR scores are being evaluated right!

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via / CC BY


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