The Horrors of a Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR Invalidation

Updated: 10/31/2018. During the Halloween season, people love to hunker down with a bowel of popcorn and watch a good old scary flick. It’s a tradition in many households to get their heart pumping with a fun scare while passing out candy to little goblins ringing the doorbell. Bureau of Automotive Repair InvalidationIn other households, it could be a way of life spending down time chilling with the latest slasher film. Either way, all horror movies have to offer up several tense moments where a potential “victim” decides to investigate a dark space on their own. We can scream at the screen telling them what a stupid move it is, but they don’t listen. So we sit back and wonder, will they get eaten? Or shredded to bits? One thing we know for sure, walking in without ample back up never ends well for the character.

Sometimes reality isn’t very different. When you own a STAR certification, that’s something to protect from any threat. If you just received a Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR invalidation letter, it can seem like the lights just went out. How did this happen? Where is it coming from? What is the best way to attack the problem and protect the business? Whatever you do, do not walk into darkness alone. Trying to fight with a Bureau of Automotive Repair lawyer solo could allow monster-size legalities to tear apart your argument and leave your shop without a STAR certification.

Watch Attorney William Ferreira explain STAR Invalidation Appeals on YouTube


Stop the Bleeding from a Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR Invalidation Letter

Once a STAR certification invalidation letter has arrived, it can seem like the attacks keep coming. Precious time is sucked away from business to meet relentless deadlines and prepare for the court date. For many professional STAR certified business owners, it’s just too much to manage on their own. Unexpected trap doors hiding in the Bureau of Automotive Repairs regulations can mean all your efforts will still lead to nowhere. Instead of taking on the unknown alone, it’s better to bring along a trained team of professionals. Our attorneys have seen what happens to hardworking STAR businesses, and that’s why we are fearless in our job. We have the knowledge and the gear to get your STAR certification out safely.

Our auto defense attorneys know where all the little legal nasties are hiding and how to fight them. Remember, a Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR invalidation does not necessarily mean you’ve made the mistake. They can misinterpret statistical data. They keep failure rates of years, makes and models of vehicles your station has serviced throughout the years. One slip up on their side and your STAR certification could be in peril. Also, if an unexpected violation has occurred, we can stop the bleeding and help you get back to business with minimal financial damage. Either way, the specter of a Bureau of Automotive Repair STAR invalidation does not have to give you nightmares. Turn on the lights and walk into court with a team of auto defense attorneys on your side!


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